God Only Knows

Our organization is deeply rooted in faith, being founded on

 John 10:10, "I came so that they might have life and have it to the full."



Mission Statement: EF3 is about living a full and abundant life.  Together we strive to use education, faith, fitness, and finance to improve ourselves & the lives of others. We desire to impact every person we meet in a positive manner.  By sharing God's love as he works in our lives, we build up the Kingdom. There is only one way to live and that is LIFE to the FULLEST!





About me

As an educator and community activist for over a decade, I understand the importance of  relationships. Knowledge, outreach, and continuing to better one's life go hand in hand with reading good books & living out the passions we have.  This has all led me to develop EF3 as a platform to touch people's lives, igniting a fire within them.  It has been a great pleasure of mine to become a published author with the goal of sharing my passions, faith, and talents.  I have written and illustrated adult publications as well as a children's series.  I continue to enjoy traveling the globe to serve the poor with the goal of spreading love & hope to all. 


I realize that life is a journey and that each of us is called to make a splash on this planet in our own unique way.  No one has it all figured out, but by continuing to learn, grow, and better oneself, then we can share positivity with the world.  Doing this little by little and one day at a time will allow us to pour into people's lives and be a blessing to them.  Exploring the world, working with young people, teaching others about finances, as well as participating in athletics are my passions.  It is my hope that you will enjoy the EF3 platform, my literature, and the organizations I team up with.  I encourage you to share your talents and gifts with the world.  Let every day embody LIFE to the FULLEST.      -Dan Jason  

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new book releases


A work of inspiration challenging people to overcome life's difficulties by tapping into the fire of faith deep within.  A mix of motivational topics & personal narrative. 


Win with your finances by learning the ins & outs of budgeting, debt payoff & investing.  It's time to take your life back by telling your money where to go.


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Journey around the world as kids learn to recognize & celebrate the different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs & people of our planet.  Teaching children to love & respect, as well as the power of prayer.


Children's Books

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*A portion of proceeds go towards "EF3 EXTEND," my global outreach & missions work.  To learn more about the EXTEND, program visit missions.