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FIRE Burning WIthin

Fiercely Taking on life with gOd Leading

you every step of the way

Life is hard and full of tremendous challenges. We can either go through it or we can grow through it. It’s time for you to claim your crown and find the best version of yourself, which is embedded deep within. You have what it takes. It won’t be easy, but through hard work, determination, faith in God, and great trust you can and will uncover the beauty from the ashes. You were made for greatness and must not settle for less. Today is the day for you to light that match and set your life ablaze. We all get our shot, so dig deep because you have limitless potential. It’s time to reignite your passion and zeal. If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes. Go out there and unleash the beast. You have so much to live for. There is no time like the present moment. Now is the time to be fully alive! Feel and fuel the fire that burns within and blaze a new trail in order to live out your truth. Be the best version of yourself and hold nothing back. You were made to thrive! Come along and journey with me, it is time for you to reach your full potential.


Foreword: All In 

1: Igniting the Flame

2: God is for Us, Not Against Us

3:  Rebound

4: Entering the Game

5: Dancing with the Devil

6: Glimmer of Light

7: From Death to Resurrection

8: Nunc Coepi

9: Change the Channel

10: Starting Lineups

11: Radiant Future

12: Run Your Own Race

 13: Discipline

14: Extreme Leadership & Accountability

15: Vamanos 

16: Forgiveness

17: Little Things

18: Step Out of the Boat

19: Wild and Free

20: Gracias

21: Power of Prayer & Divine Connection

22: Final Shot

23: Living the Dream

24: Claim Your Crown

Author’s Note

Encouraging Scripture






This book was published by authorHouse.  Learn more about this publisher and this piece of literature which was written to inspire people to reach deep within themselves to overcome adversity in their life. 

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