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Foreword & Introduction by
Bishop Edward Scharfenberger

Saints aren’t found in stained glass windows or carved statues.  Everyday Saints continue to walk the earth & appear in our neighbors, communities, & families. People put Saints on unattainable pedestals, but love is what leads to Sainthood.  By opening your heart to Jesus you’ll uncover the secret treasure of holiness within.  The apostles were extraordinary examples of faith who allowed God to enter their hearts and work through them.  Jesus desires to transform us too. You weren’t made to be average, but for greatness! The Cross is difficult, however the uncommon road brings your soul endless joy.  By sharing love, you’ll build the Kingdom, leaving your mark on this generation. Our world needs heroes. The Saint Next Door lives in you!


Love and prayers will bring peace to our planet. Children realize there are many different people, races, religions, ethnicities, cultures, languages, and genders. Love is the common denominator and the answer.  Love is our planet’s human creed and prayer binds us together. This book teaches the importance of ensuring that all people are treated with respect, while celebrating the differences that make our earth a beautiful place. When our children are deeply rooted in Love, they will see a person’s heart above all things!

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Together we journey with our children through the life of Jesus. They discover the love God has for them and how he saved the world. The warm pictures and uplifting message teaches kids about our beautiful faith. This story helps children realize how special they are and the love Jesus has for them. Most of all, children learn that Jesus is your friend!

Books ALSO Available in Spanish 


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This book is sure to challenge & inspire readers to dig deep & examine life so one can overcome challenges to become all God created them to be.  By igniting a flame within one can tap into their fullest potential & live their best life.  This faith based motivational text blends personal narrative & key topics to encourage readers on their faith journey.

Money is a crucial asset & necessity. Managing & utilizing it is essential. Take a deep dive into areas of finance including budgeting, debt payoff, & saving.  Reaching financial freedom & peace involves capitalizing on one's income. This book teaches building a comprehensive portfolio through sound investments.  It's about discipline & telling your money where to go! 

Children's stories
Written & Hand Illustrated


This is the first book in the children's series entitled Leo Lion Takes on the World.  In this particular story, Leo learns a valuable lesson that sharing is important.  This fun and creative story allows children to understand the importance of sharing with others through the adventures of their furry friend Leo Lion.


This book is the spin off & female version of the first one from the Leo Lion Series.  Lea is a cute lion cub who has adventures with her  elephant & giraffe friends.  In this story, they all learn to play together & realize how sharing can making life much more fun!


This next book in the Leo Lion Takes on the World Series, involves adventures of Emma Elephant.  Emma is excited to share the birth of her baby sibling with Leo & the family.  Kids will love to go on an adventure with Emma learning to welcome in a sibling. From coming home from the hospital to all the adjustments, this story teaches children to adapt to significant change.

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