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At EF3 LIFE, we are committed to sharing the love of Christ with others through mission work and outreach.  Living a full life includes giving back & serving the community and world.  EF3 desires to bring faith, hope, love, & education to underserved people around the globe by extending our hand through action. We are dedicated to helping impoverished children, the homeless, and others in need to brighten their lives and provide hope by teaming up with other great mission driven organizations. Together we can change the world!

EF3 LIFE Extend

Together we can Change the world!

"Showing up in people's lives and sharing in an encounter with them is crucial to the human spirit.Taking a stance on something is good, but it's not enough.  Love is all about standing with people and journeying alongside of them in their time of need.  Life is all about impacting others and sharing the love we have in a genuine manner."


Spreading hope & LOVE

in the United States, Mexico, Kenya, & India

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For direct links to the various nonprofits & organizations I have teamed up with simply click on the specific picture.

As a missionary with Hope of the Poor I go to places like Mexico City & Native American Reservations in the U.S. It has allowed me to share Jesus' love with people and be with them in their situation. 

Image 20: Mexico City missions.jpg

As the director of Missions for Baseball Miracles Inc. it has been an honor to bring  baseball and softball, as well as outreach to underserved kids and their communities around the globe.


Building playgrounds in backyards for children with Pediatric Cancer has been extremely powerful.  It is so moving to be part of a community that works to bring hope and love to these beautiful children and their families.  Together we will win the fight against Pediatric Cancer.  16,000 kids are diagnosed each year.  ROC SOLID is there for them and is a difference maker by providing an outlet through play and also!


As a volunteer coordinator for the Capital City Rescue Mission it has been a pleasure serving the homeless community in Albany, NY. Through acts of love and charity we have served over 30,000 dinners and organized large clothing drives. 


Every winter it has been an honor to serve along other members of the Tim Tebow Foundation to help put on a Night to Shine (Prom for young adults with disabilities).


Being a Bible Study & Faith Sharing Leader for REC in the Dutchess County Prisons has been a powerful experience. Visiting the prisons & sharing faith with those who are incarcerated is an important part of ministry.  The Word of God cannot be chained.


As the Basketball Camp Director for Veritas, I have enjoyed working with youth each summer to share my love of the game of basketball.  As a coach and mentor it has provided me an opportunity to help shape young athletes both on and off the court.




A Tiny Home for Good

Over the past few years it has been enjoyable to team up with & support    A Tiny Home for Good.  Working with and supporting this amazing nonprofit which builds homes for the homeless in Syracuse, NY has been special.  



Sponsoring Light Caroly is such a blessing to bring renewed hope, education, and empowerment to a young life!

LIFE to the FULLEST Podcast with Village of Hope Kenya Founder, Derek Bevan (Summer of 2021)

Sleek Headphones

Being a supporter and sponsor for children at Brooke Orphanage has allowed kids like Nikhil, an 8 year old boy to have a future.  Helping formerly enslaved children in India be able to go to school and have a hand in helping them have a real future is amazing.  Joining forces with Faith in the Brooke which continues to provide safety, love, education & faith to over 100 children is a tremendous blessing.

Faith in the Brooke Orphanage

Team Rubicon Volunteer


Serving the community is something I pride myself in.  Being part of Team Rubicon which is dedicated to aiding communities that have been struck by natural disasters is powerful.  Working alongside of our nation's Veterans to support those in need is something I am proud to be part of.

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