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At EF3 LIFE we are committed to helping you to succeed along the way with your money.  Your financial journey is important to us so we have created some great resources to utilize & will inform you on many others to assist you.  Check out the following resources below which are free.  If you desire to take it to the next level, contact us or sign up for one of our financial advising services and we will be sure to help customize a plan and support you in achieving your goals.  It is your future & your money.


$Money$ Minute

Kicking off each week with some tips to win with your finances & Help your money work for you!

Investment Strategies

The Importance of a Systematic Approach


Long Term: Put 15% of your take home pay toward retirement. After your debt is paid off start putting money away for the long haul.  First, find out if your employer offers a matching retirement program.  If so, always put in the minimum for the match.  For example if they offer a 3% match, contribute 3% annually of your salary to gain an overall net contribution of 6%.


If you income level is below your state's next tier of income tax level, utilize the Roth IRA.  The Roth allows you to put in upwards of $6,000 annually and all of these monies will grow tax free meaning you pay tax up front and years down the road have a pool of money to draw on.


If you need a tax write off to lower you income level you would put more into a traditional IRA or your 401K and that would allow you to contribute, yet save you in the tax game.


Invest in growth stock mutual funds. Remember this is money you won’t touch until 59.5 years old.  Mutual funds are a group of companies within a certain fund family or sector (25 or so on average) that your money is spread out between to lower the risk and increase the ability to grow at a moderate rate.


Short Term Investing: Invest in the stock market. ETFs, stocks in Fortune 500 companies, stocks in small/mid caps on the rise, as well as indexes are great plays.  


Spread your investments out amongst various sectors. Understand that your money grows best when you allow it to sit there for 3-5 years with check ups every quarter or so.  Buy low and sell high.  Don't be an emotional investor. 


Do your homework and utilize great platforms like Motley Fool, Market Beat Insider, TD Ameritrade free videos, and CNBC tips as well as doing your own research on the valuations of the company.  

*The biggest thing is to get in the game & allow time to work it's magic.  Albert Einstein said, "Compound Interest is the 8th wonder of the world" and Warren Buffet proclaimed, "If you don't make money while you sleep, you will work until you are dead." You have to invest if you want to win!

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Money MinuteS

Monthly Expenditures Chart

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This monthly expenditures tracker will help you calculate your total expenses over a given month.  After taking the average over a 3 month period, you will have a great idea of how you can utilize your money and what you can do with any extra you have after the bills are paid.

Net worth Tracker

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A net worth tracker is great to help you with your debt snowball payoff and to keep organize your assets and chart growth over time.  Net worth is configured by the following formula:

NET WORTH=Total Assets-Debt

Financial Investment 

Blue Print

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A financial investment blue print is a set plan where you allocate your money into various areas including retirement, brokerage accounts, home mortgage payoff, and other investment options.

*By subscribing to EF3 Financial you will gain access to many more resources, advisement, investment tools, budgeting planners, books, and other educational materials including invites to financial forums.

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