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Saints aren’t found in stained glass windows or carved statues from centuries ago. Everyday Saints continue to walk the earth. By practicing Heaven and living love, Dan Jason believes Saints appear in our neighbors, communities, and families.

Every person is a unique creation with a distinct purpose, yet we’re all called to holiness. People put Saints on unattainable pedestals, but love is what leads to Sainthood. By opening your heart to Jesus, you’ll uncover the secret treasure found within. The apostles were the first extraordinary examples of faith who allowed God to enter their hearts and work through them. Christ desires to transform us too and it begins with a personal relationship with him! It’s possible for everyone who accepts God’s grace.

Journey with Dan on the road to Sainthood. You weren’t made to be average, but for greatness! The Cross is extraordinarily difficult, however the uncommon road will bring your soul eternal joy. Our world needs heroes. By sharing love, you’ll build the Kingdom, leaving your mark on this generation. Sainthood is about loving others and fully trusting Jesus. Your life has unfinished business. Show up, give your best, and let the master work. Let your light shine and recognize the Saint Next Door lives in you!

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Author: Dan Jason


As a Christian author, I am passionate about the faith and want to journey with people on the road to Heaven. As a person and writer, I hope that my works of literature motivate and inspire each of my readers. Being a part time Christian missionary and leader in the Church, my second book entitled The SAINT Next Door  is an invitation to recognize Jesus in our neighbor, as well as God's holiness in ourselves. My aim with this latest text was to build upon my first published work titled FIRE Burning Within. I believe that everyone has time, treasure, and talent inside of them.  Certainly, God calls each of us to be Saints. I am grateful to have Bishop Scharfenberger of the Diocese of Albany fully endorse and contribute to this book by writing the foreword and introduction.  Book proceeds will help benefit EF3 LIFE's work of global outreach and missions of serving the poor around the world!



The Saint Next Door

Listen to Podcast with Bishop Scharfenberger who endorsed the book writing the foreword & introduction!
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Reviewed by Bernadette Longu for Readers' Favorite


The Saint Next Door by Dan Jason is an extremely interesting, soul-searching, very moving, and motivational book. I was a Catechism teacher for more than 30 years and a lot of the writings, quotes and prayers that appear are the most motivational that I have read for a long time. It is definitely not a fast read but it is a book that should be read from cover to cover many times as the information is never-ending. From the first page to the last, you can find stories, writings, and even quotes that make you stop and think, not only about yourself but about your life and how you portray yourself to the people around you and those with whom you come in contact.


This book takes the reader on a journey through their life and that of the author Dan Jason to find Jesus and have Jesus come close to them. There are challenges at the end of each chapter for you to challenge yourself and see how far you have come in your faith and in your love for Jesus and our Heavenly Father.The Saint Next Door by Dan Jason is a must-read for anyone who is looking for a closer relationship with Jesus and God or even for someone who is looking to find Jesus for the first time.


Dan has written in such a way that to get the greatest gift and help from this book is to read a chapter a week and then think on the challenges and complete them before carrying on. There is so much information and help in this book that you will find yourself going back again and again, looking for guidance on every page and in every word. Dan Jason, thank you for writing such a wonderful book, showing a path to loving our Heavenly Father that can be reached by each and every person who is looking for a closer relationship with Jesus. A most inspirational book and a fantastic read.




"Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Sainthood isn't about achievement or what we can do on our own. It's all about allowing Jesus to work in and through our lives."

"The great read in your hands is a depth charger: It will pierce your soul to its core and plant seeds to fire it up in this life and beyond." -Bishop Ed Scharfenberger (Diocese of Albany)

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