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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My desire is to help ignite your passions in life.  I believe and hope that the EF3 LIFE platform inspires and encourages each person to reach deep within and share their talents with the world.  Life is challenging and there is no easy road to success. Each of us has what takes within us, yet it will require sacrifice, hard work, and a relentless pursuit.  No one gets to the top of the mountain without overcoming obstacles along the way.  In order to crush it in our faith journey, finances, in athletics, or any other facet of life, we must keep our eyes on the prize & know the WHY behind our efforts. When we take one step at a time, set goals, and go after our dreams we will create the life that we always wanted.  Then we can live abundantly and bless others in an incredible way.  It is time to take the next step!  It is time to live Life to the Fullest!


After teaching for almost ten years, traveling the world as a Christian missionary, and jumping into the business realm, I decided to become a published author.  Growing up, writing was always a passion of mine and something I became good at. I enjoyed sharing stories and knowledge with others and it had always been a life long dream to write books.  As you know, a dream put into action can quickly become a reality.  Now, I have numerous  books published and am able to reach a wide variety of people throughout the world through this phenomenal platform as an author.  I have written and illustrated a children's series Leo Lion Takes on the World & book L is for Love & P is for Prayer,  to help young kids learn important morals and adapt to changes in their lives through fun and engaging stories.  In addition, I have authored a financial book Winning With Money: Dollars & $ense (A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Freedom & Peace) to inform and help people utilize various financial strategies so they may take ownership over their own lives and spending.  Lastly, I am most proud to have written FIRE Burning Within to share my deep passion and faith journey through a mixture of personal narrative and motivational topics to help people overcome the odds and stir up their own faith to reach their greatest potential. 


My goal through each book is to touch both the mind and the heart of my reader.  It is my desire to impact the lives of people through literature, sharing positivity, and community outreach.  We can all expand ourselves and it is my desire to share with you  life changing concepts, important knowledge, and fun stories for children.  What makes EF3 LIFE & my books unique is the authenticity of my authorship, the personal approach that I take, and my faith background which drives all aspects of my life.  I am proud to have teamed up with great publishers such as AuthorHouse and Amazon to bring my works to life!     




  • Founder & Director of EF3 LIFE

  • Accomplished Six-time Published Author

  • Dual Masters in Education/Special Education & New York State Permanent Certification

  • BA in Religious Studies & Theology

  • Director of Operations at NOVUS Clothing Company

  • Director of Missions for Baseball Miracles Inc.

  • Missionary with Hope of the Poor

  • Financial Advisor & Wealth Management Expert

  • Financial Peace University Instructor & Coordinator

  • Former Collegiate Athlete & Fitness Coach

  • Spiritual Advisor, Faith Mentor, & Former Campus Minister

  • Experienced Travel Agent

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