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LIFE to the fullest Scholarship FUnd

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In Loving Memory of Educator Julie Gutowski


To the young man or woman who demonstrates a life to the fullest mantra by striving for excellence in academics, athletics, and/or community outreach. Your perseverance, grit, and drive have exemplified courage and character. Your efforts have made an impact in the world. The life you’ve led and choices you’ve made have shown that by maximizing God given gifts, through hard work and determination, one can build a better future!


Who is Behind the Scholarship &  Courage & Character Award!

The LIFE to the FULLEST scholarship courage & character award is given in honor of a beloved friend and former educator, Julie Gutowski. During her time on earth she was dedicated to bettering the lives of children by teaching in the inner city, providing a nurturing environment & focusing on building character.  Julie’s perseverance to battle cancer, while remaining joyful within the classroom, changed innumerable lives.  She was the gold standard of a life focused on service, accompanying others, & being the smile of God leaving her mark on minds &  hearts.


2022 Scholar & Award Recipient

This inaugural courage & character award & scholarship goes to Javier Currey- Stratton who has persevered through great challenges. Witnessing this young man overcome health struggles, hospitalizations, & other challenges, Javier’s determination & never quit spirit has inspired many people. I was privileged to teach Javi back in grade 5 at KIPP. That was where I first experienced his commitment to excellence.  Javi kept his promise to himself & his family by graduating from Albany High. Through great effort, enthusiasm, & a positive outlook he not only acquired the knowledge, skills, & character habits necessary to succeed in middle school, high school & beyond, but Javier inspired his others through his perseverance. Now, Javier is taking the next step toward finishing what he started by  to pursue his bachelor’s degree in the fall.



This scholarship fund & award is provided thanks to the generous donations of supporters of EF3 LIFE. Please consider gifting to this cause to empower young people to have a choice filled future. Education is a tremendous gift and it opens up avenues for young people to utilize their gifts and talents to live out their passions and impact our society. Having what it takes within is critical for one's own life and the lives of others to chance.  As the great Maxime Lagacé once said"The courage of today becomes the character of tomorrow." 


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