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Together we made a Miracle

Happen as we raised over $5,800 from our Virtual 5K!!

Thank you to the 104 people who joined me & Baseball Miracles Inc across the country in 22 different states by participating in a life changing virtual 5K during the weekend of September 18th-20th as we raised over $5,800. Your generosity was exemplary and now we can continue to provide hope through the game of baseball/softball to underserved children and communities across the globe!  By running with us you have helped to continue to bring love and outreach through the game of baseball as our missions team travels around the world to put smiles on impoverished kids faces. 100% of each donation   went directly toward serving the kids and is providing them with day long baseball/softball instruction, as well as baseball equipment including gloves, bats, and balls.  During each clinic we run and organize around the world, every child receives baseball gear as a gift to keep.  This provides them with renewed hope and the tools to learn, practice & play the game.  On each mission we also serve meals, distribute clothing, and do street ministry in the community to continue to share our love with the underserved kids around the globe.  Thanks for making a miracle happen!  We look forward to running again next year!


-Dan Jason (Director of Missions & 5K Coordinator for Baseball Miracles Inc.)


Playoff push: Time to step up to the plate & GIve

$20 Bronze Batters

By Donating $20 to our organization, you are helping us get one step closer to our goal & are providing hope for the children!

$40 Silver


By providing  a generous gift of $40 your contribution is helping us to be able to reach even more kids on mission in the U.S. & abroad.  This amount is equal to 4 new gloves for the children.

$75 Home Run Hero

By providing $75 to our cause, you will help to provide a days worth of instruction, baseball equipment, including a glove & bat, as well as a meal, and clothing to upwards of 5 children! 

$100 Grand Slam Giver

An amazing $100 or more donation allows us to provide upwards of 7 children baseball equipment, instruction, a hot meal, and clothing to bring renewed hope to their lives!

Becoming A miracle maker

There are defining moments in everyone’s life when things radically change.  In January of 2020, I hopped on an airplane and headed to Mexico City.  A friend of mine had told me about this organization called Baseball Miracles that puts on baseball clinics for impoverished kids in some of the most remote places on the planet.  He said that you are going to be amazed by what this group does through the game of baseball. 


When I heard that Baseball Miracles was serving and organizing clinics and community outreach programs for the children at the City Dump in Mexico City, one of the most destitute areas in the world,  I was all in!  While in Mexico City I will never forget some of the images seared into my memory.  Hundreds of children emerged from behind piles of trash, coming down a path toward us.  For nearly 1,000 of them, the dump was where they lived and for most, where they have to work to simply earn enough from recyclables to afford one meal per day.  I couldn’t believe that this was reality.  However, we were about to turn sorrow into joy.  Renewed hope was on the horizon, as it was time for a grand slam day of baseball!


The little ones began to run with great excitement when they saw huge tents set up.  There were  hundreds of baseball gloves, baseballs, and bats out on large tables.  I could see tiny faces turn up the biggest smiles when they laid their little eyes on an entire abandoned dirt field that had been turned into the field of dreams.   Then, I met Derek.  That was when things really changed.


The four year old little boy had lost his parents.  He was one of the many orphans who had been forced to the streets due to extreme poverty. Little Derek ran over to me and motioned to a ball and wanted to play.  I gave him a high five and a glove and we were playing catch.  His bright smile warmed my heart in a way I had never experienced before.  Derek along with the other two hundred or so kids had one of the greatest days of his life.


See, what Derek and the other underserved and impoverished children need are champions like you.  By teaming up with us at Baseball Miracles you can make a profound difference in the lives of children who are starving for hope.  When you give a child like Derek a day they never will forget it does something special, it breathes new life into them.  By sharing your treasure, generous supporters like yourself are able to allow children to be heard, to be recognized and to experience love.  Kids like Derek then understand that they are not forgotten and they matter. 


Watching each child’s face light up when they put on their very own brand new baseball glove and Baseball Miracles T shirt was priceless.   Teaching the kids how to run the bases, field ground balls and catching pop flies was phenomenal. The best part for me though was watching their facial expressions when they got up to bat, hit the ball, and everyone cheered for them!  Children like Derek were proud and they were recognized.  


A miracle happened that day for those kids in Mexico City.  Inside a dump amidst piles of trash, there was a horrible stench, a language barrier, and yet none of that mattered.  The game of baseball transcended it all.  It was all about a glove, a bat, and a ball that brought great joy to the kids and their families.   What I have learned about Baseball Miracles is that it's all about showing up and providing some hope.  You are that hope and you can make a miracle happen in the life of a child.  It’s time to step up to the plate, these children need miracle makers like you!



Dan Jason                                          

Baseball Miracles Missions Director


To learn more about Baseball Miracles Inc. which has served children in 11 different countries, spanning 5 different continents or to become a Monthly Miracle Maker check out our website. Thank you for your support!

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