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Life to the Fullest Podcast

Recently, I decided to begin the Life to the Fullest Podcast. This has and will continue to serve as a great platform and way to reach a global audience. As the founder of EF3 I am committed to reaching people to share our positive message in whatever manner possible. A podcast is a great way for us to share education, faith, fitness, and finance with our audience and the world.

The Life to the Fullest podcast is now available on our website, as well as on Spotify. You can subscribe and catch all of the latest episodes. My idea with launching the EF3 podcast was to bring weekly messages of hope and utilize the platform to continue to grow people's minds, share what is on my heart when it comes to faith, have a forum for motivating the fitness journey of so many, and the ability to teach sound practices with money.

Our podcast features different themes throughout the course of the week to hit a variety of target audiences. You will see Money Monday, Teach Tuesday, Word Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Fitness Friday appear often. In addition, there will be special segments to share knowledge in other important areas that EF3 believes will benefit those who listen. I am very excited to continuing to host the podcast and for listeners to tune in so they can learn more, become inspired, and receive new knowledge that can better their lives. Throughout the course of the podcast we will have guests on the show and I hope that you will contact us at EF3 if you have some great news to share or a platform that you would like to highlight in order to bring positivity and light to others. Thanks for listening and remember, there is one way to live and that is life to the fullest!

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