Slow Down & Take Time to Be

Watching the clock. Time to go.  What is next?  Countless lists and things on the agenda.  Life goes way to fast and we are constantly on the move.  During these times of quarantine, I have learned a valuable lesson...slow down and take time to be.  Whether it has been sitting for a little longer on a sunny morning on my front porch sipping a hot cup of coffee, reading a good book on my cozy couch late at night, or playing yet another silly game with my nephew or niece, these past months have taught me to take my time and slow down.

Life is short and we are so consumed by our jobs, daily responsibilities, and the many things we "must do."  And yet, through it all, we often tend to miss out because we are continuously looking ahead.  Don't get me wrong, I am someone who believes in planning.  However, there is no time like the present moment.  There is no time like, now.  As I swam with my nephew and niece in my in-laws pool today it struck me.  At no other point would I be able to have an entire day to share in such fun during the middle of the typical work week.  Being unemployed is not easy and more people face it now than ever before because of losing their jobs due to COVID-19.  However, work was the last thing on my mind today.  Making money and having a job frankly didn't matter because I got lost in the moment.  My inner child come out and it was a ton of fun!

What a beautiful thing it was to be able to spend an entire afternoo