Authorship & Book Publications Amidst a Pandemic

Over the past six months, we have all faced great difficulty in our lives with the pandemic that has thrown great challenges our way as a nation and world. Time is something that I have had on my side. Being out of work has provided me with the opportunity to get creative, dig deep within my tool bag, and explore. What I have uncovered is my passion for writing and sharing knowledge with others.

Over the pandemic and during this time of quarantine, like many people, I have been out of work. The extensive amount of time that I have been blessed with has been just that, a blessing. At this point many of you know that it has been a life long goal of mine to become a published author. However, I never thought I would have authored and illustrated three children's books, as well as two works of literature for adults. Sometimes change and challenge can open up new doors for us. Little did I know that the doors would open so fast or so wide. What I have learned is that God knows our heart and deepest desires. He has a great and mighty plan for our lives and as long as we say, "YES", things work out far better than expected.

Certainly, change and the challenging times of quarantine haven't been easy. However, one day I sat down with the